Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma – using Buddhist Practices and Principles to heal the suffering of addiction.  Recovery Dharma welcomes anyone who is looking to heal from addiction and addictive behavior.  Meets the first and third Thursday of every month in - person at Foundations Room 107.

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Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing (GRASP)-is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a safe, non-judgmental forum, so that people grieving the loss of a loved one to substance use may share their feelings, stories, struggles, strategies and support with each other, honor their loved ones and grieving their [...]

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Life Recovery Meeting

Life Recovery Meeting —this group meets to explore the 12 Steps through scripture  Meets every Friday in-person in Room 107 at Foundations Recovery Community Center.

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ROCKLAND FREETHINKERS SECULAR AA GROUP— a secular AA meeting that is an open AA meeting with a rotating weekly format. It is a safe space for those who wish to recover from Alcoholism and explore the AA program without having to accept anyone else's beliefs or having to deny their own.  Meets [...]

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