MAY: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder Awareness Day (FASD)

  • Individuals, organizations, and communities have been active every year organizing events to promote FASD awareness and increase compassion for individuals with an FASD.
  • Alcohol consumption among pregnant women is still an important public health concern. A July 2012 CDC report examining alcohol use and binge drinking among pregnant and non-pregnant women of childbearing age (18-44 years) in the United States found that 7.6 percent of pregnant women (or 1 in 13), and 51.5 percent of non-pregnant women (or 1 in 2) reported drinking alcohol in the past 30 days.
  • Because no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy has been established, and alcohol is known to cause birth defects, developmental disabilities, and other adverse pregnancy outcomes, women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant should refrain from drinking any alcohol at any time during pregnancy.
  • Women who are contemplating becoming pregnant, or are sexually active, should refrain from drinking because they could become pregnant and not know for several weeks or more.
  • FASD is 100 percent preventable if alcohol is not consumed during pregnancy, so why take the risk?


May 01 - 31 2021
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